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Expert-Crafted Brand Strategies + Stunning Visual Designs

Bujou Studios HQ

By appointment only.

Creating Compelling Brands + Stunning Visual Identies That Bring Customers to You.

In a world where brands speak louder than words, our Branding and Design services are the megaphone that makes your voice heard. We’re not just designers; we’re architects of perception, creating experiences that resonate and endure. Specializing in expert-crafted brand strategies and visual identities, scroll-stopping ad designs, and innovative product + packaging designs.

Development of bespoke brand strategies that transform your brand into a timeless icon. Our team of visionary experts will guide you through a journey of discovery, innovation, and refinement, ensuring your brand stands out in the ever-evolving market.

Includes full development of brand positioning, identity, tone of voice, competitive landscape + more.

What We Offer

Social Media Marketing

Full-scope social media marketing services including content planning + strategy, platform/community management, content creation + design and social listening.

Our Bread + Butter Platforms:

Influencer Marketing

Strategy, identification + recruitment, management + facilitation of influencer marketing campaigns that enhance your brand's reach + authority. 

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Branding + Visual Identity Essentials

Curated for New Brands That Need Branding Basics   - Visual Identity Design (Logo, Typography, Palette, Icons) - Brand Usage Guide STARTING AT $2,500

Full Brand Development + Design

An Expert-Crafted Brand Strategy, Visual Identity + Brand Touch-Point Package.  - Brand Strategy + Brand Bible - Visual Identity Design - Brand Photography Production  - Website Design  + 1 Touch-Point Design [Packaging, Ads, or Signage] STARTING AT $20,000

Naked Revival. 

Brand Strategy. Visual Identity. Product Design. Packaging Design. Website Development. Brand Imagery. 


Brand Strategy. Visual Identity. Website Development. Brand Imagery. 

AIO Hair. 

Brand Strategy. Visual Identity. Website Development. Brand Imagery. Branded Interior Design.


Visual Identity. Branded Interior Design.

What's Your Ideal Brand Personality Type?

Take the brand personality quiz to discover what style is brand is best to reach your goals and get recommendations on how what style of design will get you there!

Design Works:

Website Design Works:


Amazon Product Asset + Store Design.

Naked Revival. 

Graphic Social Media Template Design.

dne resources. 

Advertorial Print Ad Design.

AIO Hair.

A-Frame Signage Design.

This is the part where you get in touch and we make amazing things happen!

Brand Identity Works:

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