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About Bujou

Bujou [Boo-je-u] Creative is is a boutique creative agency specializing in creative approaches to digital marketing. Through our "more than just pretty" marketing, we create stunning multi-media content that is data-backed, brand-first, and always captivating to bring your ideal audience right to your (digital) door step. 

Some things that make us, us:

Always More than just Pretty

We believe in the importance of marketing being data-backed (you'll never get 'just a photo' with us), so we practice being more than just pretty - our motto, and out approach to content. 

More than Just Pretty means a few things. Firstly, all our content is produced for a reason; it's got a researched, academic understanding of a specific goal for your company that we use stunning media to portray. Secondly, it's a piece of inspiration for our people. How we look is a big part of our identity, but we know that looks aren't everything. Being more than just pretty is trusting our instincts, growing into our personal identity and removing judgement from the covers of our own books. 

As professional creative people, we know how frequently people try to pay creative work in 'exposure' or 'time for print.' Trust us, we've done our time in work-for-opportunity and all the other corporate ways of saying free work. 

We know the value that creatives bring to business, so we make sure we pay all our creatives what their worth. All of models, content creators, creative partners, & partnered friends are always given a value-for-value structure. We try our best to make every opportunity paid. In the circumstance we can't give $$$, we give another form of value that makes it worth the time invested. 

Pay Creatives what their worth !!

What we offer:

Here, we're all about stunning visuals & high level execution. Our digital marketing services take care of the creative pieces of your business while keeping focus on the goal line; more sales. 

Social Media Marketing
Digital Media Production
Website Development 
Video Production
Branding Services 

always more
than just pretty

Model / Talent Sourcing

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The Bujou Founders

Happy Woman

Maggie Bowles

Co-Founder & CEO. @maggieellizabeth

Bujou's creative, stubborn, & vibrant leader, Maggie takes her art background into the digital sphere with her personal touch of aesthetic & sparkle. Maggie has been preparing to take over the world for the last 7 years through many business (and creative) focused initiatives. 

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Russell Petiot

Co-Founder & COO. @russell.petiot

Bujou's ultra-dedicated-to-the-shot photographer, visionary & editor, Russell brings an energy of chaois to everything he does in the best way. Russell is experimental in creating media (weather is be hanging out the back of a moving vehicle to get the angle, or throwing random goopy stuff on our models) Russell does what is 'needed' to make our visuals interesting and engaging.