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Our Deal

Our mission is to bring inspired, innovative and fu*king iconic content creation + brand-forward marketing to local and international businesses across North America. 

We have 3 rules to make this happen:

1. Be Iconic. 

2. Follow your Artistic Nature

3. Always be More than Just Pretty.


Get to know us better

What makes it Bujou?

Little Dog aka Poco ready for in office work with Bujou Creative

Fu*king Iconic

If we do something. We do it Fu*king Iconic.

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Artistic Nature

The emptiness of digital media makes us sad, so we apply an art-forward approach. We are digital artists. What we create has meaning, a strategy and a concept. We explore form, function + colour within photography, videography + graphics.

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More than Just Pretty

All our content is produced for a reason; it's got a researched, academic understanding of a specific goal for your company that we use stunning media to portray.

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Where We Work

Calgary(HQ) | Vancouver | Toronto | Seattle