Creative Partner Program

Want to work with the Bujou team on global projects?

We thought so. 

How it works:

Follow @wearebujou on Instagram

We select people for opportunities from our followers list! Follow our page to be considered for cool projects.

Respond to opportunities from our stories

When we have work, we post it to our story. Send a reaction to be considered for the project (must be following to be selected). 

Do Cool projects with Cool people.

Get opportunities to work with cool brands on fun campaigns! Modeling, brand partnerships, content creation and more! 

We're always in need of cool talents and interesting people. 

What to Expect with Bujou:

We value paying creatives what their worth so all of our projects have a 


structure! Value for value means that, while not every project have monetary compensation, our creative partners will always be given value equal to what they provide for our projects. This might be an hourly rate or a 2 night stay at the shoot location depending on the project. We want every opportunity we present to be a cool experience, provide creatives with value, and work on-going to build followings and reach goals! 

We do cool projects with cool people so expect 

to do cool things 

All our creative partner projects are thoughtful campaigns aimed at creating interesting and engaging content for brands. We are always looking to push boundaries, do things that haven't been done before, and making meaningful art (that is more than just pretty). 

Sound good? 

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