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Marketing For The Modern Era. 

Bujou Studios HQ

By appointment only.

Crafting Campaigns that Resonate, Engage + Convert

We're ROI-obsessed creatives who know how to make moon-shot ideas look easy. From figuring out the nitty-gritty details to capturing the perfect photo through to posting, publishing and engaging, we've got your marketing handled. 

Whether it's one piece or the whole funnel, we craft strategies, assets + distrubution funnels that bring your ideal audience to you.

Our campaigns are strategized around obtaining big dreams, long-term goals, and creating engaging, brand-focused experiences throughout the entire customer journey.

Some of Our Fav Sectors

What We Offer

Social Media Marketing

Full-scope social media marketing services including content planning + strategy, platform/community management, content creation + design and social listening.

Our Bread + Butter Platforms:

Instagram. TikTok. LinkedIn. Facebook.

Influencer Marketing

Strategy, identification + recruitment, management + facilitation of influencer marketing campaigns that enhance your brand's reach + authority. 

Curated for Mid-Sized Brands that are Ready to Enter The Limelight. - Marketing Strategy - Social Media Marketing [3 Platforms] - Campaign Production  - Public Relations Strategy  - Ad + Placement Design and Management STARTING AT $5000/mth

PR + Marketing Essentials 

Digital Marketing Essentials

Curated for Small to Mid-Sized Brands that Are Looking to Elevate Their Digital Presence. - Digital Marketing Strategy - Social Media Marketing [2 Platforms] - Content Production  - Community Management  STARTING AT $2500/mth

Real Estate. Construction. Design. 

Beauty. Wellness.

Hospitality. Tourism. 

Food & Beverage. 

This is the part where you get in touch and we make amazing things happen!

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