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Our Deal

Our mission is to bring inspired, innovative and fu*king iconic content creation + brand-forward marketing to local and international businesses across North America. 

We have 3 rules to make this happen:

1. Be Iconic. 

2. Follow your Artistic Nature

3. Always be More than Just Pretty.

Walking Vancouver Downtown with nike bag and suitcase - shot for digital marketing strategy by Bujou Creative

Get to know us better

What makes it Bujou?

Little Dog aka Poco ready for in office work with Bujou Creative

Fu*king Iconic

If we do something. We do it Fu*king Iconic.

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Artistic Nature

The emptiness of digital media makes us sad, so we apply an art-forward approach. We are digital artists. What we create has meaning, a strategy and a concept. We explore form, function + colour within photography, videography + graphics.

View of the Rocky Mountains from the sunshine coast - Photographed By: Bujou Creative

More than Just Pretty

All our content is produced for a reason; it's got a researched, academic understanding of a specific goal for your company that we use stunning media to portray.

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Where We Work

Calgary(HQ) | Vancouver | Toronto | Seattle | Los Angeles  | New York | Houston  |  

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