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A New Era for Bujou Studios: Shaina Kyluik Announced as CEO.


Shaina Kyluik, former CXO + Head of External Communications is announced as the new CEO for Bujou Studios.

The Art of Leadership: Shaina Kyluik, the New Vanguard at Bujou Studios

In the chic corridors of Bujou Studios, a buzz of excitement is palpable as we announce a new chapter in our illustrious narrative. Shaina Kyluik, a name synonymous with innovation and eloquence, ascends to the pinnacle of our creative empire as the newly appointed CEO.

From the genesis of Bujou Studios, Shaina has been the cornerstone of our brand’s evolution. Her journey with us is a storied tapestry woven with the threads of tenacity, vision, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. As one of the original architects of our company’s foundation, her fingerprints are on every milestone we’ve celebrated and every challenge we’ve transformed into opportunity.

Shaina’s mastery of communication is not just a skill, but an art form. With the grace of a maestro and the precision of a sculptor, she shapes dialogues and crafts narratives that resonate with our audience and beyond. Her voice has guided our brand to the forefront of the industry, setting the tone for a legacy of impactful storytelling.

As Shaina takes the reins, we stand on the cusp of a new era. Her vision is our compass, leading Bujou Studios towards horizons bright with promise and potential. With her at the helm, we embark on a journey of boundless creativity and innovation.

Join us in welcoming Shaina Kyluik, a beacon of leadership and a paragon of communication, as she steps into her role as CEO. Together, we will paint the future with bold strokes of genius and the vibrant colors of success.

For Bujou Studios, the best is yet to be written.


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