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It's All Eyes on Maisie Eatery!

The Sam Centre's new cafe + eatery, Maisie Eatery, is open (and your sweet tooth will love it).

Located within the Stampede Foundation's new building, Sam Centre, Maisie Eatery is a sizzling, interactive experience that serves up a daily rotation of unexpected chef creations, stunning crafted cocktails, sweet treats + the cutest coffees we've ever had.

Bujou Studios, in collaboration with Maisie Eatery + Paper Crane, curated a list of Calgary's most decadent foodies + creators to test, try + tease Maisie's stunning array of lunch options + cocktails (aaaaand see their new incredible space!).

Want to check it out for yourself? Maisie is open daily from 8am - 5pm or 24/7 on @maisie.eatery

Photography + Influencer Relations by Bujou Studios.


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