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Cleaver Calgary

Cleaver Calgary

A deeply sexy cocktail lounge + restaurant, Cleaver brings unapologetically bold cocktails and electric Irish comfort food to 17th Ave in Calgary, AB.

The client found they had a large, location-focused audience but the page lacked engagement. We worked to restructure their content strategy, define their brand and reengage a location- specific audience with success in less than 8 months. Our 2022 Social Media Marketing resulted in a significant increase in profile activity (demonstrating the increase in brand engagement) with a +93.6% increase in profile visits and a +269% increase in organic website visits. The launch of this campaign resulted in the highest number of daily reservations compared over 5 years in the first week while maintaining that standard over a 4-month period.




Social Media Marketing, Content Production, Website Design + Maintenance, Paid Ad Management, influencer marketing, menu management + design.

Cleaver Calgary

Photographed by Bujou Studios for Cleaver Calgary. 2021-2024. All Rights Reserved.

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