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Lotte Hotel Seattle

Lotte Hotel Seattle




Concept Planning
Room Staging & Wardrobe
Model Management
Creative Direction
Editorial Lifestyle Shoot
Architectural Detail Shoot

Lotte Hotel Seattle

The immersive experience of traveling from the entrance to check-in, the hallways to the rooms and the restaurants to the private meeting areas have a synergistic juxtaposition that focuses on stark changes + unexpected discoveries. The campaign focused on showcasing these experiences.

A central component of the design experience is the stark contrast between the hallways and the rooms; stepping off the elevator reveals abstract timber printed flooring and dark red / orange walls lined with full body mirror and gold lighting. This experience is dark, overpowering and luxurious. As you travel from the hallways into your room, you're welcomed with a halo of bright light pouring in from the floor-to-ceiling windows (and reflecting off the many, many, many mirrors), bright white stone and eclectic art. The campaign focused on translating these experiential details.

We worked closely with the hotel director to ensure these captivating and unique details were captured through their design, modelling sourcing, art direction, room staging and photography.

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