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At Bujou Studios, we are passionate about creating captivating visuals for our clients that truly reflect their brand. We recently had the honor of working with The DOUGLAS to photograph three lavish luxury bi-level suites with private rooftop patios and we wanted to share all the details of this project. The goal was to capture the grandness of nature and the allure of a cosmopolitan city in each suite - so keep reading to see how we did it!

Capturing the True Beauty of The DOUGLAS Vancouver

The end result was a series of creative visuals and content that truly brings this beautiful property to life. We are proud of the results, Our hard work paid off and we were able to create beautiful photos for The DOUGLAS. From the light-filled bedrooms with natural wood headboards, exposed concrete walls, modern glass showers, and cozy nooks complete with fireplaces - it was a pleasure getting up close and personal with each space. And when you take into account gorgeous outdoor spaces where guests can enjoy breathtaking views – it was easy to see why this property are such an unforgettable experience!

Nestled in Yaletown just steps from the False Creek & Gastown Vancouver there is many things to do on the area. From the local food & craft markets, to exploring Granville Island and miles of waterfront pathways - it’s a part of the city that never stops giving. And with modern transportation options such as skytrains, ferries and bike paths there is no shortage of getting around town.

Achieving Our Vision

We knew that capturing these luxurious suites from multiple angles and different perspectives was essential for creating stunning images that showcased their beauty. To do this, our team used high quality cameras, lenses and lighting equipment to ensure that every detail was visible in each image. We also used professional editing techniques to create pictures that were bright, vibrant, and full of life. The result was a collection of stunning images that truly brought these suites to life. We are proud of the results, and we know our clients are too! 

Our ultimate goal was to create content that would evoke an emotional response from any audience viewing it. With this in mind, we chose locations for each shoot carefully, taking into account the surrounding architecture, interior and exterior design, as well as any natural elements that could add to the story. We employed a variety of shooting techniques such as drone footage, slow-motion videos, and panoramic photographs to capture every angle of these luxurious suites.

We also shot a variaty of content around the hotel, in D/6 Lounge & the spa with rooftop soaking area overlooking false creek, to showcase the grandeur of these properties to their fullest potential. Our team worked hard in collaboration with designers, hotel staff and clients to produce stunning imagery that highlighted the property’s best features. Focusing on the unique architectural detail of each space we were able to create engaging visuals that captured the essence of each area. Through these powerful visuals, we gave viewers an accurate portrayal of the different locations in a way that will be just as breath taking as walking into the space creating a deep sense of approachability and luxury appeal. The D/6 bar featured many unique peices such as thier hidden library behind a bookshelf and an oversized underlit bar, creating a unique atmosphere that was complemented by various lounge areas with games.

Capturing the True Beauty of The DOUGLAS Vancouver

At Bujou Studios, we believe that photography is an art form – one that allows us to capture moments in time forever. It’s our passion to create visuals for our clients that leave an impact on viewers - ones that tell a story about their brand or product in a unique way. We’re proud of what we achieved at The DOUGLAS Vancouver – combining our technical skills with creativity enabled us to deliver beautiful photos showcasing their luxurious suites. Take a look at some of the shots below!  Showcase photos…(you can add them here)  We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about this project - if you have any questions or want us to help bring your vision to life through photography don’t hesitate reach out!

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