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Celestial Music Festival

The upcoming Celestial Music Festival, slated for August 18th, 2023, at MacEwan Hall in Calgary, promises to be a confluence of local and international talent, creating a mesmerizing blend of auditory and visual delights. Poised to feature an eclectic mix of top local artists such as BLNKCDT, Jaxon Lang, Alaunt, and VERSVES, the festival's allure is further amplified by the inclusion of Nigerian Afro-pop sensation Zexy. With the multi-platinum artist B.o.B as the headlining act, this event is set to mark the inception of an exclusive series of concerts and festivals under the banner of Maple Grove Entertainment.


The Oraki pop-up store event, curated to run in conjunction with Vancouver Fashion Week, presented a remarkable opportunity for Bujou Studios to distill the brand's mission into a tangible, immersive experience. As sustainability is the central theme woven into Oraki's fabric, our approach was to create a minimalist space that spotlighted the brand's ethos and its remarkable clothing line.

Kolbe Gallery by Finestra Design

Kolbe Gallery PNW by Finestra Design Inc is the collective branding of their 3 showrooms in Vancouver, Seattle & Calgary that service AB, BC, AL, WA, HI. Kolbe elevates design concepts crafted by architects and designers to exaggerate views, create dynamic entrances and introduce practical, innovative solutions to commercial and residential projects. Bujou Studios leads all advertising, digital marketing, public relations, event coordination and sales funnel processes + automation for all locations. By engaging the tension between business mind-set and design, we’ve been able to implement innovative, connective business-strategies that not only ease sales + increase revenue, but develop inspired marketing concepts.

Lotte Hotel Seattle

Artful, luxurious and complex, Hotel Lotte Seattle blends a modern glass skyscraper and historic church, showing off the opulent architecture and design from the very first impression all the way through until checkout. The hotel offers a one of a kind experience for Seattle – from being the first 5-star hotel in the city, to the 16th floor reception (with a 3,000 year old Sequoia log for a desk) and immersive design features between the hallways + rooms, the hotel is a luxury experience in the core of Seattle’s downtown. Bujou Studios brought branding + design prowess into the lifestyle editorial campaign ensuring the design, photography and strategy had perfect alignment.

Copper Point Resort

Situated in the picturesque Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Copper Point Resort offers a refined, four-season retreat suffused with down-to-earth luxury and abundant activities. At Bujou Studios, we had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Copper Point's marketing team to encapsulate this dynamic blend of experiences, fashioning an evocative narrative that communicates the true essence of this mountain jewel.


An exquisite sanctuary nestled in the upscale Yaletown neighborhood of Vancouver, British Columbia, The DOUGLAS Hotel in the Parq Resort & Casino stands as a testament to uniqueness, vision, and independence. The hotel is characterized by an intense devotion to detail, where design principles guide every element, fostering a continuous dialogue that pays homage to the past while crafting luxurious experiences and cultivating comforts.


Rumbly brings a premium, woman focused experience to pregnant women across North America, shaped by exclusive products, experiential design + evocative, yet cheeky, storytelling. While rumbly is focused on the woman, we’re focused on the brand. In 2021, Bujou Studios launched rumbly. Since, we’ve strategized + campaigned 3 individual product launches and evolved the brand through rigorous research and intense understanding of demographic habits, aesthetic alignments, content optimization and brand positioning.

Our portfolio is a testament to our ambitious, business-minded, and creative ethos. Here, you'll find an array of brand experiences we've elevated and transformed, each one embodying our chic, editorial style and aspirational vision. Step inside our world and witness how we've made moon-shot ideas look easy.


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