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Bring Your Brand Into The Spotlight

At Bujou Studios, we exist to create the most compelling and meaningful innovations in creative-driven industries while inspiring our people to dream bigger.

Our Services

Here, we don’t just keep up with the trends – we set them. Our suite of full-scope marketing services is where creativity meets strategy to put your brand into the spotlight. From the dynamic world of digital marketing to the impactful realm of traditional methods, we’ve got you covered. We’re here to craft campaigns that resonate, engage, and convert. Let’s make your brand not just seen, but remembered.

In the fast-paced world of public relations, staying ahead isn’t just an option – it’s a necessity. Our agency is your gateway to influencer marketing, internal PR, external PR, media relations, and placements management. Our team is adept at weaving narratives that connect with hearts and minds, positioning your brand in the limelight where it belongs. Whether it’s engaging with key influencers to amplify your message, managing your reputation from the inside out, or securing coveted spots in the media landscape, we handle it all with finesse. With us, your PR is not just managed; it’s mastered.

In a world where brands speak louder than words, our Branding and Design services are the megaphone that makes your voice heard. We’re not just designers; we’re architects of perception, creating experiences that resonate and endure.  Specializing in expert-crafted brand strategies and visual identities, scroll-stopping ad designs, and innovative product + packaging designs.

We craft visually compelling and innovative commercial campaigns that elevate your brand’s presence. Our team of experienced photographers and creative professionals work collaboratively to produce high-quality images that capture the essence of your brand and resonate with your target audience. ​ Whether you need striking product shots, captivating lifestyle imagery, or dynamic editorial portraits, we tailor our approach to meet your unique needs and objectives. We leverage world-class creative direction and cutting-edge techniques to ensure every shot is perfect, delivering visuals that propel your brand and its story.

Package or à al carte?

Choose from one of our 'off the menu' packages or inquire for an à al cart approach to developing your brands strategy:

Recent Works

Untitled design (79).png


Naked Revival

Joel Primus

"If you let them do what they do, they'll come up with some stellar ideas that'll separate you from the crowd. They also have a rock solid understand of what cool.... they "get it" Great copy and graphic design work as well. They are incredibly dedicated. We threw a lot at them and they did a good job adjusting to a chaotic start up environment with constantly moving targets. There was no question they were determined to meet our needs and deliver results."



Marnie Madras

"The most impressive thing about Bujou Studios is their impeccable client services. They truly act like a second member of the team that works hard to get the best results. Hire them and don’t think twice! They will prove to be one of the best decisions you make in your business!"

Digital Marketing Specialist

Lotte Hotel Seattle

Sarah Moriguchi

"The team was extremely professional and everything was well thought out and communicated. It was fun and easy to work with them, as well as the influencers they hired for the photoshoot. I was very impressed with their overall communication. From the beginning planning stages (asking us what we would need/like for our own photo assets) to sending us a schedule of the photoshoot to receiving the final photos and videos. They delivered in every aspect!"

Hydrojelly Face Mask. Editorial Campaign. 

Produced for: JSM 


Editorial Campaign


Talent Sourcing 



Bujou x Porsche Center Calgary. Collaboration. 

Produced for: Porsche Centre Calgary

Promotional Collaboration


Social Media/Influencer Marketing






Talent Management 




#CoupleToThrouple Finale Party. Events + Talent. 

Produced for: Becca Calb. 





Mercer Island Residence. Production. 

Produced for: Kolbe Gallery by Finestra Design

What Our Clients Say About Us

Curated for New Brands That Need Branding Basics   - Visual Identity Design (Logo, Typography, Palette, Icons) - Brand Usage Guide STARTING AT $2,500

Branding + Visual Identity Essentials

Full Brand Development + Design

An Expert-Crafted Brand Strategy, Visual Identity + Brand Touch-Point Package.  - Brand Strategy + Brand Bible - Visual Identity Design - Brand Photography Production  - Website Design  + 1 Touch-Point Design [Packaging, Ads, or Signage] STARTING AT $20,000

Curated for Mid-Sized Brands that are Ready to Enter The Limelight. - Marketing Strategy - Social Media Marketing [3 Platforms] - Campaign Production  - Public Relations Strategy  - Ad + Placement Design and Management STARTING AT $5000/mth

PR + Marketing Essentials 

Digital Marketing Essentials

Curated for Small to Mid-Sized Brands that Are Looking to Elevate Their Digital Presence. - Digital Marketing Strategy - Social Media Marketing [2 Platforms] - Content Production  - Community Management  STARTING AT $2500/mth

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