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Maggie Bowles

CCO & Art Director

Maggie Bowles is the Chief Creative Officer and Creative Director for all Bujou Studios, bringing experience in several creative disciplines to the role – including art direction, branding, interior design, editorial photography, modeling, styling and fine arts – making her one of the most sought-after creative minds in North America.

Jordon Lock

​Studios Executive Director

​Jordon Lock is the Executive Director for all Bujou Studios ensuring successful collaboration, organizational structures + brand visions across the entire Bujou ecosystem.

Shaina Kyulik

​Head of Public Relations

Shaina Kyluik is the Head of Public Relations, leading all advertorial, events + media partnerships with a results-driven, globally inspired and detail oriented mind-set. Shaina is responsible for ensuring effective communication across all channels + platforms, curating brand messaging and editorial placements. Shaina works closely with each studio to ensure strategic alignment, perfect organization and success for all our clients.

Alexis Helberg

​Head of Design

​Alexis (Lexi) Helberg is the Head of our Design Studio, leading all interior design, procuratorial & construction management.  Lexi's ability to bring her expressive designs & elaborate concepts to life has landed her as one of the top up and coming designers in North America specializing in residential, retail & experiential space & interior design.

Russell Petiot

​Head of Production

Russell Petiot is the Chief Executive Officer and visionary behind the vertically integrated studios, bringing a delightful blend of pragmatic decisiveness, chaotic energy + innovative business strategies to Bujou. Russell also leads the Bujou Production Studio with his keen and technical eye for photography, videography + strategic execution.

Meet the dreamers, innovators, and tastemakers that synergize the Bujou Studios Ecosystem.

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