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Maggie Bowles

CCO & Art Director

Maggie Bowles is the Chief Creative Officer and Art Director for Bujou Studios, bringing experience in several creative disciplines to the role – including art direction, branding, interior design, editorial photography, modelling, styling and fine arts – making her one of the most sought-after creative minds in North America.

Maggie Bowles for Hudson's Bay. Photographed by Bujou Studios.

Shaina Kyulik

​Head of Public Relations

Shaina Kyluik is the Head of Public Relations, leading all advertorial, events + media partnerships with a results-driven, globally inspired and detail oriented mind-set. Shaina is responsible for ensuring effective communication across all channels + platforms, curating brand messaging and editorial placements. Shaina works closely with each studio to ensure strategic alignment, perfect organization and success for all our clients.

Shaina Kyluik for The Douglas Autograph Collection Hotel. Photographed by Bujou Studios.

Clare Howard

Marketing Director

Clare Howard is the Marketing Director for Bujou Studios, leading marketing campaigns with an unparalleled vision for original, eye-catching and beautifully styled results. Clare has an extensive background in styling, fashion design, and influencer marketing which brings a sense of high-fashion to all her content.

Clare Howard for Naked Revival. Photographed by Bujou Studios.

Russell Petiot

​Head of Production

Russell Petiot is the Chief Executive Officer and visionary behind the vertically integrated studios, bringing a delightful blend of pragmatic decisiveness, chaotic energy + innovative business strategies to Bujou. Russell also leads the Bujou Production Studio with his keen and technical eye for photography, videography + strategic execution.

Meet the dreamers, innovators, and tastemakers that synergize the Bujou Studios Ecosystem.

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