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The Dorian Hotel: Calgary's Captivating Blend of Luxury and Creativity

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Calgary, Alberta, welcomes a captivating addition to its downtown district with the grand opening of The Dorian Hotel. This luxurious boutique hotel, inspired by Oscar Wilde's iconic novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, is the first Autograph Collection property in Calgary. With its unique concept and playful homage to Wilde's wit, The Dorian offers a one-of-a-kind experience that combines elegance, creativity, and a touch of scandal.

The Concept: Oscar Wilde's Influence

Drawing inspiration from The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Dorian Hotel immerses guests in a world of beauty, hedonism, and hidden secrets. The name itself pays tribute to the novel's enigmatic protagonist, Dorian Gray, whose portrait ages and reflects the consequences of his actions while he remains forever youthful. The hotel's lobby features a dynamic rendering of Dorian's portrait, which evolves based on the anonymous confessions of guests. By sharing their own secrets and rating others', guests actively participate in the transformation of the portrait, adding an interactive and intriguing element to their stay.

Aesthetics: Blending Tradition and Whimsy

The interior design of The Dorian Hotel is a harmonious fusion of Victorian charm, contemporary elegance, and Calgary's vibrant spirit. Led by a women-led team from CHIL Interior Design, the hotel's 136 rooms, bar, and rooftop restaurant exude a sense of whimsy and eclecticism. Traditional fabrics such as tartans, houndstooth's, and tweeds are reinterpreted with bold colors and contrasting materials, creating a richly layered aesthetic. The design pays homage to Wilde's era while injecting a modern flair that reflects Calgary's evolving cultural landscape.

The Rooms: Luxury with a Twist

The Dorian Hotel offers a range of luxurious rooms, each with its own unique charm. From single-bedroom rooms to expansive suites, guests can indulge in comfort and style. The rooms feature thoughtfully curated local artwork, reflecting both Victorian elegance and Calgary's Western heritage. Guests will find a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray in every room, inviting them to delve into Wilde's world of beauty and decadence. With stunning views of the Calgary skyline, the rooms provide a serene and inspiring retreat for guests.

Dining: A Culinary Journey

The Dorian Hotel takes dining to new heights with its exceptional culinary offerings. Prologue Cafe and Cocktails, located on the first floor, provides a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for guests to start their day with breakfast or unwind with a cocktail in the evening. The Bistro Novelle, on the second floor, offers a cosmopolitan dining experience, showcasing Calgary's burgeoning culinary scene. Finally, The Wilde on the 27th floor boasts panoramic views of downtown Calgary and serves as a sophisticated cocktail lounge and restaurant. Its inventive menu, presented as a story, tantalizes taste buds and engages the imagination.

The Impact: Revitalizing Downtown Calgary

The Dorian Hotel is more than just a luxury accommodation; it is a catalyst for revitalizing downtown Calgary. Developed by PBA Group of Companies, the hotel represents a commitment to the city's growth and prosperity. Calgary has undergone a transformation in recent years, embracing its diverse cultural scene, expanding industries, and attracting young professionals. The Dorian Hotel aligns with this evolution, contributing to Calgary's reputation as a top inclusive cultural hub and one of the world's most livable cities.

The Future: Calgary's Transformative Projects

The Dorian Hotel is just one piece of Calgary's larger transformation puzzle. The city is undergoing several ambitious projects that will shape its future. The $500-million expansion of Calgary's BMO Centre, slated for completion in 2024, will establish the largest convention center in Western Canada. This development will not only provide a venue for events but also create a vibrant culture and entertainment district, attracting visitors year-round.

Another noteworthy project is the Telus Sky skyscraper, an architectural marvel that combines art, technology, and environmental sustainability. With its public art display, innovative energy systems, and living green wall, Telus Sky sets a new standard for high-rise buildings in North America. These transformative projects, alongside initiatives like the Energy Transition Centre, which promotes decarbonization and innovation in the energy industry, position Calgary as a city at the forefront of progress and sustainability.

Conclusion: The Dorian Hotel's Dream of Excellence

The Dorian Hotel encapsulates Calgary's journey from a city known for its oil industry and cowboy sensibility to a dynamic cultural hub. As guests immerse themselves in the world of Oscar Wilde's imagination, they become part of a story that intertwines luxury, creativity, and the pursuit of excellence. With its captivating concept, innovative design, and commitment to the city's growth, The Dorian Hotel invites guests to embrace their own dreams and indulge in a truly unforgettable experience in the heart of Calgary.

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